Automotive Locksmithing

Vehicle key troubles often occur at the worst times. Whether you are locked out of your vehicle or have misplaced the only key, we have a quick and affordable solution for you.

Emergency Lockouts

Here at Southern Lock, we understand how precious your time is. We treat every lockout with a sense of urgency. Upon arrival, our experienced technicians can have your car door open in minutes. No dents or scratches here, we use vehicle-specific lock picks to get your door open. Only as a last resort do we use other methods to get you back on the road.

18-Wheeler Lockouts

Did you just finish your 14-hour drive to find yourself locked out of your cab? No worries Southern Lock is on the way with your time on our mind. We will get you back to enjoying your off time within minutes upon arrival.

RV Lockouts

We unlock RVs/Campers, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Southern Lock provides fast quality service, having your door unlocked in minutes is our method to getting your day moving again.

All Keys Lost

Have you lost your vehicle’s keys? We have a solution. With a wide variety of vehicle keys in stock, we can come to you and decipher, cut, and program a new set of keys for your vehicle. Call now to find out if we have your keys in stock.

Cutting and Programming Extra Keys

Do you have a fleet of vehicles with no spares? We can clone your original keys, saving you money in the long run. This is the perfect option for those looking to prevent all keys lost situations and lockouts.

Ignition Replacements

Is your vehicle’s ignition not turning or is your key stuck in the ignition? We’re here to fix that. Don’t waste your time at the dealership, let Southern Lock come out and diagnose the problem. Once we have a diagnosis, we can give you a quote for replacement or repair on the spot.